Will of D. – 10 Things You Should Never Ignore About Will of D. while watching One Piece in 2020

Will of D

The Will of D is one of the many mysteries in the world of One Piece, here are 10 facts surrounding it that you should never ignore. Much of it is focused on a select few members, known as the people of the D. These people carry the letter D in their name and are said to appear from time to time, bringing great catastrophe with them.

The people with D are also known as the natural enemies of the Gods in One Piece. The Gods likely being the rulers, known as the Celestial Dragons. So what does this will of D represents? What have we missed throughout the decade? Let’s dive into 10 facts you should never forget about the will of d while reading or watching One Piece.

One Piece: 10 Facts about Will of D

1. The Meaning of D

The Will of D has been a mystery since the beginning of the series. Although it’s real meaning remains unknown, it must be noted that several hints have been dropped related to it already. And it is believed that the Will of D has something to do with carrying out some incomplete task or dream from several centuries ago.

This may relate directly to the void century in the One Piece world. It can be a source to connect the details of the ancient kingdom and its history behind the formation of the World Government and Age of Pirates. It’s expected that the Land of Wano arc will add to whatever it is that we know related to the Will of D.

2. Characters with D

So far, a total of 10 characters with the letter D in their names have made an appearance in the series. Although most of them happen to be pirates, there are some who are in the Marines as well. Let me give you a piece of short information about every character.

Portgas D. Rouge is the only known character with D who isn’t associated with any major power in the world of One Piece. However, she gave birth to Ace who inspired others to define an era as well.

CharacterNick NameRelationsNotable Information
Monkey D Luffy
Straw Hat– Captain of Straw Hat Pirates
– Son of Monkey D Dragon &
Grandson of Monkey D Garp
– Adopted younger brother of
Ace and Sabo
– The youngest known carrier of the “D.” initial.
– Inherited Gol D. Roger’s Straw Hat through his mentor – Red Hair Shanks.
– Part of the Worst Generation along with Trafalgar D. Water Law and Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard).
– Aims to become Pirate King
Portgas D Ace
Fire Fist– Adoptive grandson of Garp
– The biological son of Gol D Roger
– Former 2nd Division Commander
of Whitebeard Pirate
– Born “Gol D. Ace” but took his mother’s surname Portgas out of respect.
– Was defeated by Marshall D. Teach during the Duel on Banaro Island.
Died 2 years ago at age 20, killed by Admiral Akainu while protecting his adoptive brother from a fatal strike.
The first “D.” carrier to die in the present rather than in a flashback.
Monkey D Garp
The Fist
The Hero
– Former Vice Admiral at Marine
– Marine Instructor
– Father of Monkey D Dragon
– Adopted Ace as the grandson
– At age 78, he is currently the oldest known character with “D” still alive.
– Joined forces with Gol D. Roger to defeat Rocks D. Xebec Pirates who were planning to attack world nobles, during the God Valley Incident
Gol D Roger
Pirate King– Captain of Roger Pirates
– Biological Father of Ace
– Lover of Portgas D Rogue
– Joined forces with Monkey D. Garp to defeat Rocks D. Xebec at God Valley.
– Only known character to know the meaning of Will of D.
– Died at the age of 53 when he turned himself into the Marines, 4 years after being diagnosed with a fatal illness.
Monkey D Dragon
– Leader of Revolutionary Army
– The biological father of Luffy
– Son of Monkey D Garp
– Savior of Sabo
(Luffy’s adopted elder brother)
– Directly opposes the Celestial Dragons and the World Government.
– Feared as the world’s worst criminal
Marshall D Teach
Blackbeard– Captain of Blackbeard Pirates
– Former subordinate in Whitebeard
Pirates’ 2nd Division
– Former Warlord (Shichibukai)
– Emperor of Sea
– Defeated Portgas D. Ace during the Duel on Banaro Island and marked the beginning of the “War of Best” at Marineford
– Part of the Worst Generation along with Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law.
– The first D character to show fear of death, as well as extreme disloyalty.
– The only character to eat 2 Devil Fruits and be alive
– Most powerful devil fruits user: Dark Dark Fruit & Tremor Tremor Fruit
Jaguar D Saul
– Former Vice Admiral
– A former close friend of
Admiral Aokiji Kuzan
– Saved Nico Robin
– The only giant character with D in his name, though he said everybody in his clan does.
– Died at age 105, killed by (then) Vice-Admiral Kuzan for betraying the Marines and protecting Nico Robin.
Trafalgar D Water Law
Surgeon of
– Captain of Heart Pirates
– Former member of
Donquixote Family
– Former Warlord/Shichibukai
– Part of the Worst Generation along with Monkey D. Luffy and Marshall D. Teach.
– The only known survivor of Flevance Country.
– Defeated Doflamingo with Straw Hat alliance
– One of the powerful Devil Fruit user – Ope Ope no Mi
Portgas D Rogue
– Mother of Portgas D Ace
– Lover of Gol D Roger
– The first and only known female character with D in her name.
– Carried Ace in her womb for 20 months to protect from Roger’s enemies and Marines
– Died after childbirth
Rocks D Xebec
– Former Captain of Rocks Pirates– Aspired to become king of the world.
– Leader of Rocks Pirates who became known as the Strongest Pirate Crew in the World.
– Was defeated by the combined efforts of Monkey D. Garp and Gol D. Roger at God Valley, considered dead since then.
Characters known to carry the Will of D

3. People who carry the Will

Although only 10 characters with D in their name have been revealed to us so far, there are likely many more who are alive yet choose to remain hidden. This was confirmed by Donquixote Doflamingo (Former Shichibukai and King of Dressrosa) after his capture. According to him, the people who carry the Will of D are hidden and spread throughout the world.

4. The truth behind Will of D

There’s certainly a significant meaning behind the D initial in One Piece, however, Eiichiro Oda (writer of One Piece) has chosen to keep it a secret until the right time arrives. When asked in an SBS (Television in South Korea), Oda revealed that it is a mystery that he’ll reveal in due time.

According to him, the D is simply meant to be read as a D for now. But in due time, obviously, there will be more details about it that may completely change the perspective of the fans about it. I have shared some theory regarding the meaning behind D, do check out in the end.

5. First Mention in Series

The term ‘D’ has been introduced since the beginning of the series, however, the ‘Will of D’ was specifically mentioned by Dr Kureha for the first time. It occurred during the Drum Island Arc after Straw Hats enter the Grand Line.

Interestingly, she did this while revealing the true name of the Pirate King – Gol D Roger. Until then, we fans knew him by the false name of Gold Roger. Thanks to the world government’s attempt to hide his name.

6. Who can Reveal it’s Meaning

Although there are lots of characters who possess the potential of turning the tides of the great pirate era, such as Luffy, or Trafalgar Law, the most influential character who holds the key to the reveal Will of D is certainly Nico Robin.

This is down to the fact that she’s capable of reading the Poneglyphs. And this will reveal the true history, but in the process, it can also reveal the Will of D. Also, there are very fewer people alive from the old generation who knows the true meaning of D. And Nico Robin has been actively looking for the meaning of the ‘Will of D’. So far, she has mentioned this term thrice. First at Alabasta, then at Skypiea, and finally at Sabaody Archipelago when she met Rayleigh.

7. Those who discovered the reality

Just as there are those who are looking for the meaning of the Will of D, there are also those who have already discovered the truth. As revealed by Silvers Rayleigh during the Sabaody Archipelago arc, the Roger Pirates completely explored the Grand Line, found the One Piece that’s hidden in the last island, and discovered the true history of the world.

In the process, they found out what the Will of D truly was. Unfortunately, they seemed to be unable to carry the will. Roger mentioned that they uncovered the truth early. And due to some shortcoming, there was nothing they could do despite knowing the truth.

8. Different Conclusions

As mentioned above, the Roger Pirates were successful in finding out the true history of the world of One Piece. And in doing so they also found out about the Will of D. While the reason behind that wasn’t explained by Rayleigh, he did say that perhaps the Roger Pirates and the Oharans were way too impatient at that time.

Rayleigh talks about the Will of D

On the other hand, he encouraged Straw Hats to head down the path without any rush. While doing so, they might arrive at a different conclusion than the rest. Rayleigh also mentioned that even if Straw Hats were to discover the Will of D at the moment, they won’t be able to do anything like others.

9. Passed down by Families

Among those who have the D in their names, nobody really knows what it means. As confirmed by Jaguar D Saul, most of them don’t know what the name meant. The only thing they knew was that their families carried that name for ages.

Interestingly, many different families seem to be the carriers of this name. For example as the ‘Monkey D’ family, and the ‘Gol D’ family. There are others like Law, and Rocks, among many others whose families carry D in their name.

Will of D
‘Monkey D’ Family

10. People with D will bring the storm

will of d god's natural enemy

The Will of D is closely connected to the balance of power in the world of One Piece. As explained by Rosinante, the world nobles often put the fear of the D in their kids. This is likely because they’re associated with bringing chaos in the world. Or in some way, they are getting closer to the secret of the Void Century, even unknowingly at times.

Law also stated something similar about destiny to Donquixote Doflamingo when asked why he trusted Luffy so much. “In the future, those with D in their names will surely shift the tides again.” – Trafalgar Law.

What does D stand for? (Theory)

There are many different theories on the mystery behind the letter. It could be the first letter of a common word like ‘dreams’, ‘desire’, ‘divine’ or ‘destiny’. That way it could possibly connect people with a common goal or a common belief system.

Blackbeard to luffy

What if D isn’t a letter? (Theory)

There is an amazing unique theory that represents D as a shape and not as a letter. According to this theory, ‘D’ represents ‘half of the world’. It’s like the shape of the earth cut into half. The theory claims that in One Piece World there were two clans who ruled over half of the world each. And maybe Joyboy was the centre of this D clan. One day they both fought each other and the Clan of D lost to the clan that ultimately created the World Government.

They erased the Clan of D from the history books. And it led to the creation of the Void Century. But the kozuki clan, however, manages to record the events on Poneglyphs. And they left the task of overthrowing the World Government and rebuild the country of D to the later generation. This is the ‘Will of D’. The World Government desperately wants to erase these survivors. And that’s why they oppress the inhabitants of Ohara who were trying to rediscover the missing history of the Void Century. This unique theory actually makes sense.

There is a similar theory that compares D to the shape of a half-moon. According to this theory, the ancestors of the Celestial Dragons came from the moon. The Celestial Dragons are shown wearing robes that resemble spacesuits. In the manga of One Piece, there is a story about Enel that after Luffy defeated him, he went to the moon and learned that in ancient times the rock was home to a civilization.

This theory suggests that the people who built the ancient moon city came to earth. They were the ancestors of people who are Celestial Dragons. The moon people were more advanced than the Earthlings and they tried to rule the planet. As shown everywhere in the series, Celestial Dragons do consider themselves too much above the human race. A small group of people though opposed that plan and they suggested living peacefully with the people of the Earth. These moon rebels are the Clan of D. After fighting each other, the Clan of D lost to people who then created the World Government. And this makes sense as people with Will of D are termed as natural enemies of Gods i.e. in One Piece world, Celestial Dragons. So, basically, according to this theory, the earth is controlled by some aliens from the moon.

Mystery of Will of D

Well, we don’t know what this D represents and what the ‘Will of D’ exactly is. However you should not ignore and never forget the above mentioned facts about “Will of D”. These all scenarios will definitely bring some or the other twist in coming stories. We can only hope that Oda will reveal it all in coming chapters with epic stories.

Comment your theory and which scene did you like the most? Do share with your friends and let them know these great scenarios.

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