7 ways to Optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns

August 4, 2020

Most online businesses that put their pennies into Google AdWords have to toil for days before they figure out the right strategy to get the right ROI.

But believe it or not, it is possible to win the SERP with a few tricks in your game plan, and in this post, you will learn precisely that!

My idea of getting the best out of a Google ad campaign is by turning the attention to the Google shopping campaigns.

The images perched right at the top of the SERP are the results of the Google Shopping campaign, and these product listing ads are created on the basis of the data that you provide on your webpage.

If you are looking at your Google ads ROI, then undoubtedly these ads are the best way to get traffic as they receive 20% more clicks in comparison to normal ads.

So how do we run our Google Shopping campaigns?

Prepare your Data Feed:

google shopping campaigns
Source: blog.salesandorders

Google picks the product listing items on the basis of the information you have entered. Your job is therefore to be as accurate as possible in this area. Here is what you can do to make your products eligible for the top window.

  • Check the Google product categories and narrow down your product to the nearest category.
  • Include relevant keywords in the product title and description (without overusing any particular keyword).
  • Keep the data feed updated with no ‘out of stock’ items on the list.
  • Provide only high-resolution images, preferably in a white background without any clutter and watermark.
  • Limit the product titles to 50 characters.
  • Make sure the price and availability mentioned in your data feed and website match.
  •  Make use of negative keywords to rule out irrelevant images from showing up in the SERP.


google shopping campaigns
Source: yourmarketingpeople

When you are standing on the same platform with eCommerce giants that sell everything under the sun, your brand would take a while to register among the buyers.

This is where remarketing steps into the Google Shopping campaigns and helps in building your image to the audience which is vaguely familiar with you.   

These remarketing ads would be visible to only the group which has visited your site in the past and needs some more confidence in you before they make a purchase decision.

The best thing about these ads is that you have to pay only when someone clicks, and when someone already familiar with you clicks, it is mostly because he is interested. You can count on most of these clicks for conversion!

Add two simple codes (Google Analytics Remarketing and Google Adwords Remarketing) to the best margin product pages of your site and wait for the traffic to arrive.

Look for new pastures:

google shopping campaigns
Source: pressureUA/iStock

You cannot leave Google shopping campaigns to run solely on the basis of remarketing. You need to look for new pastures and reach for a new audience every once in a while. The best place for a new audience right now is undoubted, social media.

Contests on the social media platforms have proved to be great crowd pullers. Design contests and let them stay for a while and follow up with remarketing banners.

If someone has already purchased, exclude him from the remarketing post and try to upsell instead.

Analyze the price:

Source: blog.wishpond

The Google Ads ROI may not work for products with a low-profit margin.

If possible, eliminate these from your campaign and focus your attention on a few products with a high margin. These small Google shopping campaigns would be less complex to handle and yield more profit.

Google allows you to club multiple products into categories. You can set your bid for the entire category, or for a particular brand. Whatever be your choice of the campaign, make sure you bid according to the margin you expect.

The higher-margin products will have greater impression share and can do with a higher bid

All the while, keep checking your click-through rate (CTR) and cost per customer (CPC) to see which equation works.  


google shopping campaigns
Source: dsim

The optimization of your site matters more than you realize. With most businesses happening from mobile platforms, it is crucial to ensure that your page is mobile-friendly.

Every time someone opens your page and leaves it due to bad UX, you lose your expense on the click. AND, Google is watching that you have let the click go to waste.

Test your site speed with Google Page Speed Test and if needed, take help from a professional who will manage the widgets and images to speed it up.

Visit every menu all the way to checkout and see if navigation is easy.

Make sure everything is legible from all devices.  

Quality score:

Source: blog.tryadhawk

The Google Shopping campaigns are basically meant for your benefit as a seller. But if your sales are not picking up even after spending on Google Ads, you are not probably doing it right. It is therefore important to keep track of your campaign’s performance.

Check your quality score because a lot depends on it. Google gives you the score on the basis of your CTR, your landing page, and the relevance of your keywords. The lower your score, the more you have to spend on your ads to work. With a good quality score above 7,

  1.   You actually get a discount which saves half of your campaign fund.   
  2.   Your ad gets placed in a better position

Review your Keywords:

google shopping campaigns
Source: seokochi

The Google Shopping campaigns are targeted to specific groups on the basis or their keyword history. Research the keywords to see which words work for which groups.

Remove the low performing phrases altogether and add the words which are triggering your ads.

Find out the words that cost less per click.

Go for mid-range keywords as they cost less per click.

Use negative keywords to partition the campaigns For example, if you are selling locally made shoes, use ‘branded terms’ as your negative keyword to rule out the segment of the audience looking for branded products. Placing the ads to the right audience actually lowers your cost of campaigning.

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