10 Tips on Mobile UX and why it is important

August 1, 2020

It is a known fact now that the mobile device is witness to most of the sales that take place in the digital world.

Over 70% of the traffic to any eCommerce platform is originated from mobile and most of this traffic actually leads to conversion!

But the fact remains that very few entrepreneurs realize the importance of mobile interface and how it can make or break their business.

As the usage of smartphones spreads like wildfire, it is crucial for sellers to pay attention to Mobile UX. Want to know why?

Problem 1:

Tips on Mobile UX
Source: Sandra van der Kruijt-Scheurwater

The restricted space on a mobile device makes it difficult for a shopper to view a product properly, and who would be willing to buy something without taking a nice and proper look?

Use high-resolution images that do not split when zoomed

Allow zoom operation by pinching and double-tapping.

Make sure the font used is compatible with the mobile interface, especially in the labels.

Display the zoom tool in a visible way so your users know that they can take a better look.

Problem 2:

Tips on Mobile UX
Source: ux247

Most sites that do not consider mobile UX is difficult to operate with the fingers. Selecting a link from a dropdown list becomes a task and one ends up landing on a different page altogether. He gets frustrated and leaves the page without knowing what you have to offer. 

 If you want your site visitor to explore all the links that you provide, make sure that your graphics do not take up all the space.

Do not clutter the important conversion pages with unnecessary graphics or text.

Keep the dropdown lists small and allow other forms of navigation like buttons or collapsible and intuitive menus.   

Problem 3:

Tips on Mobile UX
Source: pymnts

A large percentage of mobile users find it more comfortable to complete a purchase transaction from their desktop after they have browsed the product from their mobile.

But more often than not, they are not able to find the product after they have added it to the shopping cart from their mobile. The cart is ultimately abandoned and you lose your business.

A good mobile UX should include a wishlist feature and products should be saved in a shopping cart for a given time.

It helps to send the shopper an email reminder of the products waiting in his cart and in most cases this will end up with a completed and closed transaction.

Problem 4:

Source; LDprod/Shutterstock

It is a pathetic job to fill out a lengthy form from a mobile device and it often serves as the most effective killjoy for a shopper.

You can work on this side of the mobile UX by using well labeled and optimized forms. Restrict the number of input fields and use auto-suggestions and auto-detection to make the job easier for your shopper.

Use dial pads and text pads for the areas where the shopper would need to fill in information like


Phone number

Credit or debit card details

Problem 5:

Tips on Mobile UX
Source: ecommerceillustrated

It takes a lot of patience to skim through a never-ending series of shirts of every color and size when you are looking precisely for a blue XL sized one.

It is essential for your eCommerce page to have search filters that allow the customers to narrow down on the search and find their product faster.

Problem 6:

Tips on Mobile UX
Source: business2community

Your potential buyer is sure to leave a page that keeps him waiting before all images are displayed. Bad loading speed is in fact, the worst part of the user experience for a shopper in any online platform.

Most of these slow-loading sites use responsive site designs whose size and formatting do not agree with the mobile interface.

The adaptive designs, on the other hand, load the content that is suited for the particular device. The sites that are so adapted to mobile devices are said to result in better customer optimization.

Problem 7:

Source: designmodo

Another complaint of mobile shoppers is that the checkout process often makes them abandon the cart.

Either the speed is too slow to go through all the steps, or mandatory registration acts as a deterrent. Records say that 35% of cart abandonments happen due to a glitch in the checkout process.

If you want to provide better mobile UX, make provisions for guest checkouts.

In case they are registering, or are filling forms, your site should have field labels above form fields. The number of fields that I mentioned earlier is also important for a smooth checkout process.

Problem 8:

Tips on Mobile UX
Source: thenextscoop

Look at the way you hold your mobile and you will find your thumb to be doing most of the job. The shopping sites that are not optimized for this sort of handling end up in frustrating the users and losing prospective customers.

A thumb-friendly interface will put your visitor at ease, provide a good mobile UX, and increase the chance of his buying. Consider placing the important things within the thumb reach zone of the mobile screen.

Problem 9:

Source: cxl

Most customers face trust issues while revealing their bank details over the digital platform. With so many phishing sites and frauds in the news, many people do not feel confident to pay online or reveal personal information.

The button labels of your site should give clear indications about where they would take a user.

 The word SECURE means more than you realize to a shopper’s psyche.

Trust badges from security providers, lock symbols, words ‘like ‘encrypted’, and ‘proceed’ can make all the difference in making a shopper feel secure.

Built-in payment systems like Google Pay will make checkout faster and safer.

Problem 10:

Tips on Mobile UX
Source: qubstudio

The attention span of a user on the mobile screen is less than 8 seconds. Couple that with slow loading and you should realize that all the elaborate content that you have drafted for your site probably goes unread.

Mobile users make quick buying decisions. So cut short the lengthy copy and optimize the content for a fast mobile UX that leads to a sale.

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