12 Tips on Link Building through Ecommerce Content Marketing

July 29, 2020

If you are running an online business then building links would be an intrinsic part of your marketing strategy and what better way to do it than through content marketing?

Since buying links is no longer a possibility these days, digital marketers have to look at other ways of earning links.

Ecommerce Content marketing comes across as a potential option for our SEO campaigns these days and in this post, I will elaborate on how you can leverage your content to reach out.

Your first job would be to decide on the kind of content. Every SEO campaign would demand its own kind of content, but if you want to come up with topics that will surely be read, then take a hint from these methods that I follow for my blogs.

1. Look for the right topic

ecommerce content marketing
Source: Hongkiat

There can be two ways to go about this. You can either stick to the most read topics related to your business or look for gaps that need to be filled.

Both would call for extensive keyword research, and this is not something that you can slack on. You need to know what your target customers are asking for in the search engine.

If you are on a shoestring budget, then use free aids like Google Keyword planner. Let your keyword list grow to thousands. You can narrow down from here later as you judge by the keyword volume and density.

ecommerce content marketing
Source: Backlinko

You will know which questions have not been answered much or answered well. Quora or Reddit can also help you gauge what your customers are actually looking for.

Once you have your write-up ready, go back to the discussion forums to post your response and your content marketing trick would be to include your link in it.

A link prospecting tool can tell you if the site allows ‘do follow links.

2. Ask the experts

ecommerce content marketing
Source: Moneywise

It’s always a great help to bring in experts into the loop. A pro with an existing pool of audience can be a boon to your content marketing.

He can be your linkable asset who will not only enhance the quality of your particular content but also bring a part of his audience to him.

For instance, if you are a pastry chef with a recipe book to sell, your blog can benefit from a diet expert who also has an active online presence. You can count on him to link you back to his own webpage.

3. Arrange Interviews

Source: Thinkers Co.

This will have a similar effect as in point 2. If you can publish an interview with an expert in your genre, there will be something for you to offer to the relevant publishers and earn links eventually.

4. Offer guidelines

ecommerce content marketing
Source: BigCommerce

An effective trick of content marketing is trying to be helpful. If you know the solutions to questions or problems pertaining to your area of expertise, you can always step in.

Lengthy guidelines that address the topic well will be valuable to the audience and you can expect to earn some effective links here.

Here again, Quora or Reddit can help you locate what your audience is asking.

If you find enough answers to it, rest assured that the topic is in-demand and your response would draw attention to it. If the forums fail to provide satisfactory answers, then again, it is time for you to step in.

5. Work on Case Studies

Source: Cloudways

Case studies have proved to be major pullers time and again. When you are providing your audience with a case study, you come out as a credible source who has put in a lot of effort.

According to a survey by BuzzSumo, about 74% of marketers found their traffic increasing after publishing case studies, and this type of content end up getting major links.

6. Visual Content

ecommerce content marketing
Source: LMWS Asia

Believe it or not, visual content is more powerful than texts when it comes to getting attention. If your visual content is worthwhile, then it will be used by other sources who will surely backlink with an Image Source’ credit.

By visual content, I do not mean anything fancy. Stick to simple visuals with more information that show. Your content marketing can truly gain from good:

  • Infographics
  • Charts
  • Illustrations
  • Videos

7. Collaborate

Source: Knowledge Hut

Collaboration often turns out to be a pocket-friendly mode of eCommerce content marketing. Teaming up with the marketing team of some business related to what you deal with can be useful for both parties.

For instance, if you are offering training on digital marketing, then stepping into a campaign with a marketing book publisher can help you reach a wider audience with half the budget.

8. Be controversial

ecommerce content marketing
Source: OptinMonster

The controversy is a, sure enough, way to get noticed. Devoting a couple of articles on something out of the way can pull attention and breed communication.

That is what happens to cloth brands that showcase plus-size models. So if your niche can manage it, then look for a taboo or nonconformity to turn some eyes on you.

Use hashtags to set the conversation rolling and you are sure to earn some links.

9. Promote

Source: Sleeknote

It’s not enough to just attract links. Promotion is a crucial part of strategic content marketing. Use social media to turn some attention to you and as you reach wider, links will follow.

10. Use dead links

ecommerce content marketing
Source: Single Grain

Reach out to pages with dead URLs and see if you can be allowed to replace that with your content URL instead.

11. Build some PR

Source: SEMrush

Do not neglect the local web magazines that can do with a guest post. Most of these publications are short of resources and can welcome your expertise on a subject.

Regular features and columns in these publications will earn your audience and credibility both.

12. Establish your brand

ecommerce content marketing
Source: SEMrush

It will take time, but with a good PR, you will be able to establish yourself as an expert in the genre. This is less of an SEO tactic, but definitely the final leg of your content marketing strategy.

If you are a known face in the game, expect links to automatically line up.

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