The 10 secrets tricks of Ecommerce SEO

June 18, 2020

Has it ever bothered you as a seller when Amazon or eBay always outranks you in the search engine?

These eCommerce giants sell practically everything under the sun. With the fortune that they spend on marketing, it is a challenge to fit your page next to them in the SERP.

But when I say challenge, I DO NOT mean Impossible. It is actually possible to drag your page from the bottom ranks to the top numbers of the search engine, and that too, without emptying the pockets on marketing.

When you want to beat your competition, it’s important to understand what the competition is all about. An eCommerce site like Amazon has the money and infrastructure you cannot dream of.

On top of that, there is the Amazon affiliate program which allows sites to use ‘do follow’ links to Amazon. Thousands of such links help to maintain the top rank in SERP.

So what can you do to make up for these assets that the giant sellers can afford?

Ecommerce SEO is your ace strategy with which you can manage to step up in the search engine. A few basic changes in the optimization techniques can do wonders for your rank.

1. Focus on keywords:

Ecommerce SEO
Source: uthink1

Let your keyword research guide you on how your keywords are performing. The same product might be performing in 2 levels for two different sets of keywords. For instance, the response for ‘black leather backpack’ may be less than that of ‘black office bag’. Chuck out the search terms that rank low in your tracking tool.

On-page Ecommerce SEO is all about picking the right keywords and making sure that Google knows what your site contains.

  • Take keyword difficulty into consideration.
  • Include all relevant keywords in your content in order to receive organic traffic.

2. Product description:

Ecommerce SEO
Source: wpblog

Ecommerce SEO of a site depends majorly on the product descriptions. This portion of your webpage needs to be informative and compelling. Take a peep into the discussion forums and product reviews in the eCommerce sites.

You will get an impression of what the buyers ask and demand. Modify your product description accordingly to include all such key phrases.

3. About Us:

Ecommerce SEO
Source: senseifunnel

This is the page that makes or breaks the buyers’ impression of you and your products. Here you need to create a compelling version of your brand and also create a miniature version to be shown in the forums and directories.

4. Build connections:

Ecommerce SEO
Source: pauleycreative

Don’t rely on your own strength to draw traffic. It is always a good idea to build links with popular websites and blogs in your niche.

Search for resource lists, directories, websites, and suggested URLs related to your product category. Find the trusted sites and reach out to see if they allow ‘do follow’ links.      

Ask for product reviews and giveaways. If you manage to get them from sites with a good audience pool, chances are that you will draw some of their traffic too.

If you are doubtful about the domain rank of these sites, there is always Ahrefs and MozBar for cross-checking.

5. Remarketing:

Source: digitalcanteen

There is a huge bunch of audience out there who have come to you and left for some reason. Research says that over 25% of this group will return to a said website after being approached with a remarketing ad.

They are already familiar with your brand and just need a little more coaxing. Though this activity will not be directly related to eCommerce SEO, you will benefit from the leads generated. These ads will 

6. Join Forums:

Ecommerce SEO
Source: happytimek

There are numerous forums discussing your product niche. Joining some of them would help you:

  • Understand the general opinion about that kind of product.
  • Be familiar with the terms related to the product. You might have to use some of them as your keywords.
  • Let people know that you deal with a similar product. Your brand gets familiarity and you get a few customers too!

These forums will have an introduction area where you can mention your brand subtly by the way of introduction.

7. Build links:

Source: relevance

Link building is one of the most potential Ecommerce SEO techniques. If your site has enough keywords in the form of anchor texts, there will be more chances of Google recognizing it.

However, make sure that every internal link in your site doesn’t have the same anchor text.

8. Landing Page UX:

Ecommerce SEO
Source: medium

User experience in an eCommerce site is something that Google greatly values and your landing page should be optimized for both Google and your audience.

So while you are building links, don’t overdo it to ruin the landing page UX. This is indirectly affecting your search ranking because as always, Google is watching!

9. Audit:

Source: allthingsweb

Ecommerce SEO is not about stuffing your page with keywords. You do need to bother about other technical factors like site speed, working links, mobile-friendliness, etc. to know if your site is optimized, it is essential to run an audit on these checkpoints too. Make use of SEO tools like

  • Google Analytics – Check for penalties on your site and fix accordingly.
  • Google Search Console – This will show the Crawl errors encountered by Google’s indexing robots while they are on your site.
  • Ahrefs – Check your backlinks and eliminate the spams if you don’t want to penalize your rank. Also, look out for the broken backlinks while you are at it.
  • Beam Us Up –  Look out for the dead links, duplicate content and missing metadata and alt text
  • Copyscape – Remember that Google’s Panda algorithm does not appreciate duplicate content. It helps immensely with the Ecommerce SEO if you produce unique content in your page

10. HTTPS:

Ecommerce SEO
Source: blog.hibu

Go for an encrypted version of your site as it boosts your credibility to Google and helps a tiny bit to you step up in the SERP.

Using SEO for your business is not just about climbing up the SERP. In order to stay at the top, you need to create a page that serves the audience too!

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