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The Top Companies That Have Reached Unicorn Status in 2021

Many entrepreneurs dream of reaching the elusive “unicorn status” one day. What does this mean? A unicorn is a private company worth $1 billion or more, and in 2021 various companies have met this definition. We identified these businesses by examining their market capitalization…

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Top 7 Female Owned Social Enterprises

With much more women entrepreneurship than ever before in the Country, women stated “ being more socially centered than their male colleagues, the workplace environment has changed. So many women-owned social enterprises are emerging than ever, which might help vulnerable individuals and infants, enhance…

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Copyright, Trademark, Patent, or License? Understanding the Differences

Copyright, Trademark, Patent, or License? It can be hard to understand which one is right for you with the different intellectual property rights granted to an individual or company. The distinctions between them can be complex, and a single product or service might include…

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How To Register a Business in 2021

Starting a business in 2021 will be different than starting a business in 2018. With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and automation, you’ll need to change your approach to branding, marketing, customer service, and more. There are also some essential steps that you need…

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How to Get Your Startup Acquired

There are several compelling reasons to enter a new market, including a desire to become your boss, a drive to make a difference, a love for your service or product, or maybe a willingness to earn more income. The following are required for a…