Product photography ideas

August 8, 2021

Photography is an essential part that you need to take care of in any Ecommerce business because it gives a visual to the customers. Various factors play a role in good product photography. Wrong angles and lighting can ruin a lot in one picture. That’s why you need to know all the right things that are needed for a good picture. Here is a guide for good product photography ideas:

Product photography ideas and why does product photography matter?

Product photography ideas

Display of products that are in stock:

There are many people who always prefer purchasing products offline because they can touch, taste, and feel the products before giving cash or swiping the card. Online businesses do not have this benefit, but they can still provide a fair idea to the customers with the help of clear photographs.

Builds trust:

Good product pictures also help build trust with the customers because they get an idea about the products. You need to put high-quality pictures for the customers to understand the product and get a fair idea.

Great visuals:

It is also essential to give good visuals to the customers because they can get more famous through that. Great visuals and good photography also attracts a lot of traffic and makes the company worth the popularity.

Boosts the conversions:

Product photography ideas will not only get traffic but also helps in boosting the conversions of the brand and getting more sales. When customers look at your picture, they should feel like purchasing the product, and that’s why it is essential to have great pictures of your brand’s products. Keep it simple, clear, and high-quality.

Product photography equipment for product photography ideas:

Product photography ideas

If you want to capture great pictures, then you need to have great photography equipment also. Ensure that you are investing in the best equipment possible because that will help you get clear and amazing pictures.


The camera is the most important equipment and makes sure that you are investing in the best one. Don’t obsess about the price and check the types of features you need for your product photography. There are amazing cameras available with all the features and less price also. Here are some features that you should check in a camera:

  • High resolution
  • Cam shoot raw files
  • Fast shutter speed
  • Good image stabilization technology
  • Large sensors
  • Different camera modes


Tripod makes it easier for you to capture top and bottom views, both without any help. You can just put your camera on the tripod and set it the way you want to get good product pictures. Product photography ideas will also come out better when you have a handy tripod with you.

Remote control:

Get a shutter button remote control because that will help you change the lighting and click the photos in whichever position you want. You can take the best shots with the help of remote control, and there is no need to put a timer on the camera.

Studio lights:

Product photography ideas

Product photography ideas need to be good enough and bright enough to attract more customers. Proper lighting is an essential thing that you need to keep in mind before capturing any picture. Ensure that you have proper lighting around your product to capture the actual product with bright lights. Keep two lights on the top of the product and the other in front of the product so that you can get a clear view.

Get a reflector for great product photography ideas:

When you are clicking pictures using natural light, then you will need to invest in good reflectors to get the perfect shot. Make sure you use a big white card or aluminum foil as a reflector because the results will be amazing.

The process of curating product photography ideas:

Clean and clear product images only:

Whenever you are selling something on an online platform, you need to make sure that the product pictures are extremely clear. Before purchasing anything, customers would want to see the product from all different angles, and the pictures need to be clear and cut for that. Make sure you are keeping the product in focus, and the shot comes out clear. Do not put blurry pictures because the customers won’t prefer purchasing the product, even if it is a quality product.

In context and lifestyle photos:

The lifestyle pictures show the demonstration of humans using it in real life. It helps in building trust and making the customers believe that the product is good. So you can click lifestyle pictures to get great content and give a real-life idea to the customers. You can tell a story about the product through blog posts, articles, email listings, and much more.

Step 1: Pre shooting preparation:

Product photography ideas

The most important step in a product photography shoot is ensuring that the product looks the best. Make sure to dust and clean it properly before clicking any pictures. If you do not wipe away the dust, fingerprints, and stains, then it will show up in the picture. Cleaning the products before the shoot makes them look better and neat. A dirty-looking product will not get you the popularity that you need. That’s why make sure to prepare everything before the shoot.

Step 2: Get the background and product ready:

Before you start your product photography, make sure to keep everything ready. You wouldn’t want the end-moment hassle, so keep everything in place. You can put your background on a small chair if it is a small product or else use it against the wall. Make sure that all the props you need for your shoot are ready. Get plain wallpapers so that the focus remains on the product more than the background. Put tape on all the corners and stick the background so that it doesn’t fall or disturb during the shoot.

Step 3: Erecting a lightbox:

A lightbox or light tent is a prop that distributes the light on all sides equally. Either you can make your own lightbox or invest in a good one. It is pretty simple to build your own lightbox, so if you do not want to invest in a lightbox, then you can make one.

Step 4: Set up the product:

After setting up the background and the lights, the next step is to set up the product in the right place. Make sure that there is a flat surface because you wouldn’t want the product not to be aligned with the background. You can put on some crop and make it more about the product.

Step 5: Lights on:

Lights are the most important key for a good photo, and that’s why make sure that the extra light is set right. For good product photography ideas, you need to understand natural and artificial lights. Only the studio lights or the lightbox lights won’t work because sometimes you would need the natural light too. Natural light is not just easy to work with, but also it gives a different shine to the products. Make sure you also put extra artificial lights with you so that you never have to face the lighting problem.

Step 6: Use a tripod:

Always keep a tripod with you whenever you are going for a product photoshoot. It helps you in capturing good pictures from different angles.

Step 7: Post-production and optimization time:

After you have taken all the pictures using your fantastic camera, it is time to optimize it. Multiple editing softwares are available for fixing a lot of things in the photo. You can use the tools to edit the focus, the overall picture, damages, and much more.

Image size:

Sometimes you need to change the size of your pictures because they can be too big for the site. You can use the right tool to reduce the size of an image but still keep it crystal clear.

Remove the background:

Even if the background is light, sometimes you need to focus more on the product than the background so that you can remove the background from the equation in these cases.


There are other props that come in a frame when you are clicking a picture but thank god for the cropping tool. You can crop the image just the way you want to.

Sharpening the image:

You can sharpen your pictures because it makes everything more clear. All you need to do is go on the sharpen option and adjust it according to your needs.

Adding texts:

The customers look for in any product picture the relevant text that you can add easily with the given tools these days. It has become easier to change the fonts, backgrounds, and colors for the texts.

Good product photography ideas can only be applied when you have everything ready and planned. Pictures create a significant impact on the sales and profits of your company. Ecommerce businesses need to make sure that their pictures are clear and quality images to boost up the conversion.

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