11 Tips to Use Instagram for your Ecommerce Brand

July 26, 2020

When you are putting your stakes in your online business, SEO should not be the only channel that you depend on for promoting your business.

Social media is the next best thing that you can do for your store and it has been tried and tested for a few years now!

Look around and you will find almost every one of your target audiences hooked into one or more of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Pinterest.

It’s actually a giant pool swarming with potential buyers whom you just need to attract with the right post at the right time.

Let’s be honest. What with most products available on platforms like Amazon and eBay, you will not have much chance of getting organic traffic only with SEO.

On the other hand, social media is just the thing that can turn eyes to your product, without it being overshadowed by a hundred others on the eCommerce platforms.

While it’s best for you to be present in most of the social media platforms, right now we will focus on Instagram and how it can become the star performer of your marketing strategy.

Why Instagram?

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Facebook is gradually edging towards saturation. There are too many ads as more than 90% of marketers target Facebook for promotion.

Instagram, on the other hand, is still a fresh meadow with ample space to accommodate you. Studies say that only 6% of the target audience on Facebook actually comes across the post meant for them.

In comparison, the reach on Instagram is almost 100%.

Strangely, the same users who detest seeing brand promotions on Facebook, are pleased enough to see and engage with the ads on Instagram.

68% of Instagram users are seen to engage with brands while only about 30% of Facebook users do so. It’s probably the look and feel of the Instagram posts that creates all the difference to the audience.

And if better outreach and deeper impact is not enough reason to trust Instagram marketing, you can have hashtags as the cherry on top.

It is an excellent tool for organic search and makes Instagram as good as a search engine. If you are clever enough while choosing your hashtags, your posts can perform great and take your campaign to a whole new level.

How to Use Instagram

  1. The first thing you need is a business profile on Instagram. With this, you can create and publish Insta ads without having to use Facebook advertising tools. You also get access to Insights which proves crucial in supplying you with the data about your posts’ performance.

    Source: miami internet marketing
  2. The audience on Instagram is more used to seeing consistent brand images. I guess somewhere down the line consistency fuels their trust in a brand. It would, therefore, be a wise choice if your Instagram marketing maintains a particular standard where the visuals are concerned. The color scheme, font, and style of photography should all speak of your brand.

    Source: WP Plunginsify
  3. Spend on photography if you need to. A good photo can speak a thousand words and trust me when I say that a professional image has won many a marketing campaign. Apps and tools like Canva or Snappa can take your photos to another level.

    Source: Unix Commerce
  4. Use teasers to build the urge. Instagram is a perfect platform for some innovative content. So drive the nail home with simple and creative images or videos that do not directly ask the audience for purchase, but tempt them to take another look. It can even be an offer or a contest. Even if they like or comment on your post, that would be something worthwhile.

    Source: ClickZ
  5. Sponsored ads for Instagram marketing will be visible to audiences other than your followers. Your aim is after all promotion, and you cannot expect to reach a wider audience with only organic means. If it is difficult to create a new campaign, even existing posts can be used to create a carousel ad.

    Source: kuwait solutions
  6. Instagram stories are a useful way of generating leads. If you are wondering what good a story can do in its 24 hours lifetime, then consider the fact that it would appear right at the top of the timeline.
  7. And, an Instagram story does not have to be perfect or even relevant. You can pop in any behind the scene stories, bloopers, experimental photos, and what not!

    Source: Robert katai
  8. Influencers can be super useful in Instagram marketing. Look around for known faces with a ready audience. Most customers value the opinion of someone with a five-figure follower count!

    Source: BigCommerce
  9. Posting ‘happy customer’ photos is another thing trending on Instagram marketing. Your customer’s photos with your product will boost its credibility to the new audience and also give you a no-effort way of creating a new post. All you need to consider is whether the photos are in tune with the image of your brand.

    Source: BigCommerce
  10. Use Hashtags judiciously. If you can create your own slogan, all the better! The hashtag will direct the users to all your posts and every time someone uses the same hashtag, he will be holding up your brand to his followers as well.

    Source: A1 Future Technologies
  11. Time is a crucial factor in Instagram marketing and a lot depends on when people see your post. Mondays and Thursdays have seen to draw the most attention, while you cannot expect many to see you on a Sunday. Morning hours between 8 and 9 or 2 in the afternoon get the most attention as most people use social media while commuting or taking a lunch break.

    Source: Canyon News
  12. Like in every other campaign, your Instagram marketing needs you to keep track. Use Insights or
    Iconosquare to check where you stand in after putting in all the time and effort. It really helps to know which post resonates most, how your follower list is growing, which filter works best or which hashtag is being circulated.
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