How to decide for product photography backgrounds?

October 23, 2021

It is essential to put effort into product photography because it will set the customers’ first impression. There are various factors like sales, profitability, and growth which depend on the product photography. If you want to attract customers, then the images that you put on your website should be perfect. Product photography is an integral part of the online business, and it helps in gaining attention from the customers. That’s why it is important to have product photography with a different background that suits it the best. Here are some tips for using the best photography backgrounds for the products: 

Avoid using any busy background: 

Photography backgrounds

When you are doing product photography, the product should have all the focus. That’s why it is important to ensure that you do not have a busy background because that will divert the attention from the product and put it in the background. It is not a suitable background to shoot for a product. 

Use subtle colors for photography backgrounds: 

When your products are bright and nice, then make sure you are using subtle backgrounds for them because the bright backgrounds will take away the attention. The product should be available, and that’s why photography backgrounds that are subtle in color matter more. The product should perfectly go with the background and the lights around. 

White background: 

The white background is one of the best photography backgrounds for any product because it is subtle and highlights the product more. The white background never goes out of the trend, and it will never look dull, which makes it perfect for any product shoot. It also highlights the product and gives an eye-catching picture to the customers. 

Grey background: 

Photography backgrounds

Grey color for any photography background is appealing because it gives attention to the product that is kept on it. The customers are able to distinguish between the background and the product that is kept on it. It is essential always to make the product look like the highlight, and that’s why the contrast should match with the background. 

Black color for photography backgrounds: 

Black is the darkest color, and it always gets a lot of attention. It is also one of the best backgrounds for product photography because it gives the best results. The picture looks more attractive with a black background because of the highlight that it gives to the products. 


Another essential thing to keep in mind for the photography background is the texture, as it needs to be subtle and plain. If you still want some design on it, then try to go for minimal marble print or grid, but nothing more than that because then the highlight won’t be the product. 

Wooden floor for photography backgrounds: 

Photography backgrounds

Some products look the best on wooden floors, so try to understand the contrast and do the shoot on a wooden floor. The benefit of a wooden floor is that it makes the product look more real and attractive to the customers. It can be a little challenging, but with the right background and lighting, it will come out perfect. 

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