How Google Chooses to Rank Images and Videos in Search Results – Revealed by Google Trends Analyst in 2020

How Google Chooses to Rank Images and Videos in Search Results

How Google chooses to rank images and videos? This is one very common question of every SEO practitioners and users as well. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller recently spoke about how Google analyzes and ranks visuals like images and videos in SERPs.

The advice came in response to a question. 

“I’ve seen a lot of times I got some image results when I search for a search term. How does Google identify that images are good for showing in the results?”

With so much information available online, it would essentially be nerve-wracking without some kind of sorting system in play.

This is what Google does; it sorts through billions of websites to find relevant results for what you are looking for within a fraction of a second.

Summary of John Mueller’s reply

According to Mueller, when you search for something, Google sends that query to different indexes and search systems that operate within Google.

The search result is a culmination of different kinds of content, from web pages to images and videos. 

To portray relevant results, Google focuses on the intent behind your query and presents results in a way that helps you find exactly what you are looking for. 

Different systems, like the image and web search systems, analyze the query and present their own relevant search results to a central hub.

This is where Google scrutinizes which results to show. 

Additionally, this is the reason why results change over time. Google machine-learned systems take note of how people utilize the content it produces and accordingly optimizes the results. 

If people show an affinity towards images for a particular query, it prioritizes images over web pages. 

If you would like to explore everything John had to say about the topic, here is the link to his session.

John Mueller Answers How Google Chooses to Rank Images and Videos in Search {Recording}

How Google Chooses to Rank Images and Videos in Search Results – Complete Video

Watch the above video at from 23 minute time play to find John’s response on how Google chooses to rank images and videos in SERP.

Credits: This piece of content is written by Ms Jaya Iyer. Check out her LinkedIn profileto know more about her work in content writing.
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