Google Podcasts Manager – Can it become another source of growth for Podcasters in 2021?

Google Podcasts Manager

On October 13th, 2020, a thread was sent out from Google Webmasters Twitter handle that introduced us to Google’s new feature designed to make podcasters’ lives easier. 

Google Podcasts manager Twitter Thread
Click Here to checkout the complete thread

Google has launched Google Podcast Manager that is meant to give podcasters better statistics and more in-depth data about their listeners. 

Google’s aim with this tool is to help podcasters figure out what their audience wants to hear and structure their content more effectively.

One of Google Podcast Manager’s best features is that it gives you statistics about the percentage of the podcast listened per show. You can understand where people drop off, too.

It also gives data about how many listens each show has received. You can even analyse how many listens each episode segment has received.

But one thing to note is that the data Google collects is only of those listeners who access your podcast via Google channels. 

One of the main advantages of registering your show on Google Podcasts Manager is that it makes it much easier for users to find your podcast via the search engine.

Don’t get me wrong; Googlebot crawls billions of websites so efficiently that if someone googles your podcast, the spiders will find you.

So, this may not be as effective if you already have a well-established podcast. However, a study conducted by Podnews showed some pretty impressive results for new podcasts. 

They registered a brand new podcast on Google Podcasts Manager and did nothing else. Within about five days, the podcast was added to Google Podcasts’ database.

This is excellent news for all newbie Podcasters!

But here’s the deal. 

Google Podcasts’ Manager hasn’t lived up to the podcast community’s expectations, for they can receive most of these analytics from their hosts.

But Google has only just launched this product, and as always, I hope they build upon it and blow our minds with what more they bring to the table.

Credits: This piece of content is written by Ms Jaya Iyer. Check out her LinkedIn profile to know more about her work in content writing.

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