Blue Aura Anime Character One Piece Monkey D Luffy (Baby) & Shanks Action Figure (NO Box) Collectible Height – 18 cm (Shanks&Luffy)

December 28, 2022

Price: ₹3,499 - ₹1,325.00
(as of Dec 28,2022 15:35:12 UTC – Details)

Product Description

luffy & shanks action figureluffy & shanks action figure

one piece action figure luffy & shanks action figureone piece action figure luffy & shanks action figure

One Piece Luffy & Shanks Action Figure.

One Piece Episode 1029, titled A Faint Memory! Luffy and Red-Haired’s Daughter Uta!, traveled back in time to the simpler days. The episode focused on Luffy’s childhood before he wanted to become a pirate, as well as the moment when the Red Hair Pirates and Uta arrived in Foosha village.

luffy & shanks action figure luffy & shanks action figure

Amazing Built

One Piece Figure made of PVC material, luxurious and beautiful, fine workmanship, no irritation to human body and skin, no harm. So you can use it with confidence.

One Piece Luffy & Shanks Memorable Moment.

luffy & shanks action figure

luffy & shanks action figure

luffy & shanks action figure

luffy & shanks action figure

luffy & shanks action figure

luffy & shanks action figure

Monkey D Luffy

A view into Luffy’s past is shown as we are introduced to his hero, the man who gave him the straw hat, Shanks. Shanks and his crew stand up to a group of bandits in the town as young Luffy is taken by the bandits’ leader and thrown into the water, where he cannot swim due to his Devil Fruit.


The episode opens with three pirates from Buggy’s crew that come upon Nami stranded in a boat. She asks them to save her in exchange for payment, but when they climb onto her boat for her treasure, she steals their ship, leaving them stranded in the ocean. Meanwhile, Luffy and Zoro are hanging in their boat, drifting at sea, and both of them wonder why they do not have any navigating skills. Suddenly, however, the boat is rocked and Luffy’s straw hat blows off of his head, fluttering around through the air. Luffy frantically reaches for it, and Zoro catches it before it lands in the water. Zoro then inquires about the hat’s importance, which triggers a flashback showing Luffy’s past.


Luffy finds himself in trouble when he gets attacked by Higuma and his bandits outside. Makino sees this and runs to the mayor for help, who yells at the bandits to stop. Higuma decides he will kill Luffy, but then Shanks and his crew arrive. One of the bandits points a gun at Shanks’ head and orders that he stay still, but with insane speed, Lucky Roux shoots the bandit through the head and kills him. Everyone gasps in shock as Shanks explains that they are dangerous pirates. More bandits charge at Shanks, but Benn Beckman steps forward and swings his rifle like a club, taking them all out. Beckman quips that if the bandits were truly serious about fighting them then they should have brought a battleship. Higuma, frightened, throws down a smoke bomb and makes his escape and taking Luffy with him. He flees out to sea in a boat, where he throws Luffy out into the water. Luffy, having eaten the Gomu Gomu no Mi, cannot swim and is about to drown.

About Luffy & Shanks Episode.

The episode based on the first chapter of the manga, but the ending bit showing Luffy leaving Foosha Village is snipped out in the anime adaptation until Episode 504. In this episode, we are introduced to Shanks and his crew.This was the first appearance of Haki. It was used by Shanks, who used it against the Lord of the Coast.In the manga, Luffy cut his face and created a scar under his lower left eye to prove to Shanks he is a real man but this is not shown in this episode.In the manga, before Higuma shows up, Luffy was already eating the Devil Fruit and Shanks did not find out until he grabs Luffy’s arm and watched it stretch. In the anime, after Higuma left, Luffy found the Devil Fruit in a chest and started to eat it. Shanks caught him and turned him upside down to make him spit it out, ending up with his body falling to the floor, with Shanks still holding his legs.In the manga when Shanks lost his arm, it was dripping blood, but in the anime, it does not.This is the first episode of the Orange Town Arc.In the Odex dub, all references to alcohol were changed into milk. All shots of beer were digitally edited to be white and in one instance, the keg Lucky Roux was drinking had the word “MILK” digitally painted onto it.

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Quality product with an Attractive, Compact Design.
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