9 Good Alternatives to Google Keyword Planner

August 7, 2020

There are a number of questions that eat up the content experts when they are trying to use keywords for optimization of a site.

Before we upload content stuffed with keywords, it is important to understand if those keywords are meant for us in the first place.

  • One has to know if the target audience is at all interested in the topic, i.e., if there are at all search queries with that keyword or phrase.
  • CPC of a keyword is crucial to evaluate the success of a campaign. If no one clicks, there is no point shelling out money for the word.
  • The keyword difficulty plays a critical role in ranking.

So it’s clear by now that keyword research is a must-do.

But which tool do you rely on?

Google Keyword Planner
source: fortunelords

I find it difficult to trust the Google Keyword Planner Tool entirely with my research because so many times I have found my Adword query string shows long tails words which have simply been ignored by the Google Keyword Planner.

In most cases, the GKP gives me only low competition keywords which would make a complete waste of my Adwords expense.

If you are already running multiple Adwords campaigns, then you will get GKP for free, but otherwise think before you spend on your keywords.

So what’s next?

How do you plan your keywords without Google Keyword Planner Tool?

Take a look at these alternative keyword planners and see why I am preferring them over GKP.


Google Keyword Planner
source: realsocialseo

With Google Adwords, you have the scope of creating ad groups with separate keywords. With a test campaign and a trial ad copy, you can easily track which of these groups are getting clicks and being converted.

Once you know what words sell, you know what your SEO needs. Unlike the Google Keyword Planner Tool, Adwords allows you to

  • Locate the keywords that actually convert.
  • Get an idea of the actual search volume from the impression data received.

Moz Keyword Explorer 

source: in.pcmag

If you want to make your decisions on the basis of keyword difficulty, this is the tool for you.

As compared to the Google Keyword Planner Tool, Moz is easier to manage and a lot more accurate when it comes to keyword difficulty.
You can also expect

  • Effective keyword suggestions
  • Accurate search volume ranges
  • The excellent keyword grouping feature

The only problem with this tool is that it does not consider the Cost Per Click data and doesn’t allow competitive keyword research.


Google Keyword Planner
source: optimisey

This tool is somewhat dependent on the Google Keyword Planner Tool as it gets the CPC and volume information from GKP. But SEMRush wins when it comes to competitive analysis.

Their keyword gap analysis is more than accurate and what’s more, you can even see the best performing keywords for another site. So if you need fresh keyword ideas for your own page, this is where you need to look.

The only problem with SEMRush is that it has no keyword list management system and I do sometimes doubt the keyword difficulty metric provided.


Google Keyword Planner
source: pcmag

Ahrefs is your place if you want value for money.

They drain their data from the GKP and other sites and provide you with excellent competitive keyword analysis.

The best part about Ahrefs is that they constantly upgrade their tools to be more accurate.

This tool is

  •  Quick in finding the performing and relevant keywords
  •  Accurate about competitive keywords

But again like SEMRush, this tool also has doubtful performance in keyword difficulty and there is no keyword list management system


source: twitter

I would suggest this tool if you are new in the job.

It’s a simple tool that will not overwhelm you like GKP or Ahrefs.

And on the plus side, you also get

  • Excellent step by step action plans from which you get ample ideas on improving your rank
  • Suggestions about high performing keywords working for you
  • Fantastic keyword difficulty metrics that are based on your page and not a generic score

The only problem I face with CanIRank is the gap analysis and the keyword list management.


Google Keyword Planner
source: webmastersquare

If you are using the Google Keyword Planner Tool, you will love the number of keyword suggestions that TermExplorer provides on the basis of a single keyword.

I am also impressed with their SERP analysis tool and the keyword filter feature.

But since the tool provides you with a chunk of data, it also makes use of a heavy data volume which can be difficult to deal with if you are new with the tool.

Keyword Finder

source: shubhashishit

This tool is true to its name and value for money too! If I compare it with GKP, I find that

  • The keyword difficulty calculation is quite dependable
  • Unlike most peer tools, the Keyword Finder allows a fine keyword list management
  • It provides good and effective keyword suggestions
  • Bulk import of keyword is possible

With so many alternative tools to work with, it is high time you give your Google Keyword Planner Tool a little rest and try out some other options.

With a combination of a few tools, it is actually possible to find the keywords that will optimize your page several times more.

Think out of the box and go for a few low difficulty long-tailed keywords instead of the low competition low volume ones.

Trust me when I say that this will drive you more traffic in the long run.

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