8 Alarming Facts About One Piece Joy Boy You Can not Forget

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One Piece Joy Boy has been another mysterious character, but it doesn’t mean we know nothing about him. By collecting small pieces of information and all the references we got throughout the series, we can envision who he could be.

Joy Boy is one of the prominent characters although we’re yet to be introduced to him officially. According to the storyline, he was the famous figure during the Void Century i.e. 800 years in past from current One Piece timeline. Oda has managed to keep the curiosity of users in check and maintain the hype about one piece joy boy and the history of One Piece World. But there are some hidden details and messages, throughout the series I feel we must check.


This post contains mentions & references from different arcs of One Piece. If you aren’t updated with the latest arc, this post might spoil some fun while watching or reading the series.

1 Classy Introduction

Despite being the most important character of One Piece Joy Boy wasn’t introduced in the series until the Fishman Island Arc. And this arc takes place after the 2-year timeskip following the storyline of the War of Best aka Paramount war where Ace & Whitebeard died.

In the manga, Joyboy was first introduced in chapter 628 whereas in anime series of One Piece Joy Boy was introduced in episode 548. The coolest thing about Joyboy’s introduction is the curiosity his message on poneglyph created. Robin herself said that she hadn’t seen such poneglyph earlier. It was more of a written apology to someone. But who? That’s where we fans went crazy. How can Oda introduce such a prominent message in the middle of an arc? Well, that’s his speciality, right.

In One Piece Joy Boy was introduced in episode 548

This doesn’t end here. Joy Boy is known to have had some connections to Fishman Island back during the times of the Void Century. According to what the story tells us, he wanted the Fishmen to live with the humans on the surface, just like Queen Otomihe. But because of some reason, he failed in keeping his promise.

2 Relation with Poseidon

Poseidon is one of the Three Ancient Weapons in One Piece world which can either bring mass destruction. It is said that Poseidon in the form of Mermaid Princess is known to be reborn after a couple of hundred years. Joy Boy shared quite a bond with the people of Fishman Island, so he had a close relationship with Poseidon of that time period as well.

The same fate applies to Joy Boy, who is said to have been reborn in the world alongside Poseidon. In the past, he promised the people of Fishman Island that he’d raise them to the surface with the help of Poseidon and Noah.

Robin gets to know about Joy Boy’s past and Shirahoshi fate

3 Joy Boy Existence

Joy Boy’s exact age hasn’t been revealed to us. He is, however, known to have existed about 900 years ago from One Piece’s current timeline. The Poneglyphs were created by the members of the Kozuki Clan about 800 years ago in Void Century, and if joyboy wrote his apology himself, then he was at least a hundred years old then.

This information led many of the fans to believe that joyboy was one of the members of the Giants race. It is because their lifespan is well over a hundred years. However, that isn’t necessarily the case as Kureha from Drum Island is over 140 years old, despite being a human.

4 Return of Joy Boy – Luffy?

During the Wano Arc, in Oden’s flashback, it was clearly mentioned that joyboy would return to the world and shake its entire foundation in 20 years. As guessed by many, that time is now. The suggestion is that Joy Boy has already been reborn somewhere in the world.

Many of the people believe Luffy is the reincarnation of Joy Boy. This is because when madam shyarly met Luffy at Fishman Island, she predicted that Luffy will be the one to destroy Fishman Island. And according to theory, if he does that, Fishmen will have to live on the surface with humans. We don’t know how the events will turn out.

One Piece Joy Boy Reincarnation Prediction
One Piece Joy Boy and Reincarnation

Before dying, Oden tells people of Wano to open up their gates (borders) to the outside world so that they can welcome the person who is supposed to be the reincarnation of joyboy. We don’t know who exactly Joy Boy will be, and we are leaving all of that to Oda.

5 One Piece Joy Boy and the Final Island

Up until recently, it was believed that Gol D. Roger, along with his crew, was the only person to ever step foot on the Final Island.

However, in One Piece Chapter 967, Oda slapped us with a twist. Roger specifically mentions Joy Boy being at the island some 800 years prior to when Roger arrived there. This implies that Joy Boy is the only other known person to step foot on the Final Island.

One Piece Joy Boy and Laugh Tale
One Piece Joy Boy and Laugh Tale

6 One Piece Real Owner

In Roger words, Joy Boy was a great man who left behind an unbelievable treasure. No one exactly knows what the treasure is, however, Roger calls it a ‘massive’ treasure. It is a well-known fact that Roger discovered One Piece at the end of his journey in Grand Line. And after this turn of events, we have left nothing to believe that maybe One Piece belonged to Joy Boy and he is the true owner of this grand treasure. Could this treasure be the key to conquer the world? Or it is one of the ancient weapons? We will discuss it further.

7 Connection to Straw Hat?

One Piece fans were treated with a massive revelation regarding the World Government and their hierarchy during the Reverie arc. Up until this point, it was believed that the Gorosei were the mastermind of everything behind the scenes.

One Piece Joy Boy and Five Elders
One Piece Joy Boy Five Elders and IM

A man known as Im turned out to be the actual King of the World who sits on a throne. This was a shock to many. Imu had a giant Straw Hat in his possession that looked just like the one that Roger once wore and Luffy currently wears. It is highly likely that this hat belonged to joyboy as the hat was refrigerated.

One Piece Joy Boy Im and Straw Hat

8 World Government and the Ancient Kingdom

Thanks to the bits of information provided to us throughout the story, we know that Joy Boy was fighting a war against the 20 Kings who created the World Government back in his time.

Somehow, he found himself on the losing end in this battle. Because of this he and his allies, especially those of the Kozuki, engraved the history of the world on Poneglyphs. It is unknown how he died, but it is said to make a comeback soon.

One Piece Joy Boy Ancient Kingdom and the World Government

9 Joyboy and Roger’s Failure (Theory)

When Roger and his crew found Joy Boy’s treasure, he and the crew reacted with hearty laughter. You might have seen the image above in the 5th point where we discussed the connection of one piece joy boy and the last island. Roger wished that he had lived in the same era as Joy Boy, claiming that his story was a funny one.

What if he was saying he wished he was born in Joy Boy’s era because Poseidon was alive in that specific time? Various readers are thinking that this is a good hint into the theory of “One Piece” being the destruction of the Red Line. And this will lead to the creation of one giant sea instead of it being separated.

At Laugh Tale, Roger discovered the truths about literally everything – the Void Century, the meaning of D., and the Ancient Weapons, which are all essential to turn the world upside down. Roger can theoretically access all except Poseidon, which would not be born until long after he is dead.

When Roger and crew found Joy Boy’s treasure, they laughed wholeheartedly. What if Roger laughs because Joy Boy was also in a state where he was unable to access all Ancient Weapons? If you notice, Roger is frequently seen with an egg on his ship. What if that thing is Uranus. And maybe Joy Boy could not access it because of similar reason Roger does not have access to Poseidon?

One Piece Joy Boy and Uranus
Giant Egg in Gol D Roger’s Ship

Because of those reasons, Joy Boy lost the war with the Ancient Kingdom? And thus Roger laughs because they are both essentially screwed by the similar situations centuries apart?

Mystery will be Revealed

All fans are in a hope that more to one piece joy boy world government and ancient history will be revealed in Land of Wano. Oden has already found out the true history and the fact that Joy Boy would eventually return. Hence, he fought hard and also passed on a dying message to open the gates of Wano for the return of the mysterious character.

Comment your theory and which scene did you like the most? Do share with your friends and let them know about these great facts.

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