About Siddharth Vira

Welcome to my personal blog. I have been a Digital Marketing Practitioner since 2017 and in the process of learning Marketing I’ve gained an experience that massively affected my personality, thoughts, career, and mindset.

As a fellow dreamer, I wish to share all my experiences as a marketer, student, professional trainer, otaku(anime fans), traveler so that it helps you to accomplish your goals.

My Passion

As a student I was literally interested in public speaking. On the contrary, I was really shy to talk with someone in person. In the process, I gained something important –  “POWER OF WORDS.” Words can be really life changing. How do you speak it? How do you write it? What words are you using? Your single sentence makes you honest, rude, pervert, egoistic, respectful, disrespectful, friendly, frenemy, atheist, agnostic, believer or anything. I got to know – “Word maketh Man.”

Further in higher education, I began sharing my educational knowledge with friends around me. This is a phase where I became confident that I can teach someone. I practiced the art of speaking and was waiting for a right platform where I could grow with these skills.

Playing with words is something that makes a Content Writer & a Public Speaker. Throughout the time I began watching various television series and anime just like any other kid. What I loved the most is the healthy discussion on each topic. No debate, but a healthy discussion. So I began sharing my thought via this blog.

I am not confining myself to series and all but I aim to explore every field that’s open for some adventure. I am a strong believer of a thought – There is no limit to learn.


My Goals

With the help of CIPL and TechieGigs, I now aim to educate people with inexpensive online training. I want to help my consumers to live a life of economic freedom and be financially liberated. So I’ve associated with Techiegigs and sharing all my experience with students to make them industry ready. 

We are committed to satisfy our users and those who associated with us. Taking into account the competitive market, we creatively design the products and services in a way that satisfies the requirements of our people. We have remained focused in providing technology in the most convenient manner possible. We are always updating ourselves with fresh ideas. 

Our company greets enthusiastic establishments and human resource with the alertness to collaborate in different sectors. Through continuous hard work and flexibility to welcome new ideas belonging to different industries, we have been successful to establish ourselves in multiple distinctive sectors. 

At CIPL, all of our efforts are directed towards providing technology at an economical cost. So that our users never have to worry about the plausibility of their ambitions.

Digital Marketing Session - By Siddharth Vira

Siddharth conducts session in colleges, classes, institutions to educate everyone about the field of Digital Marketing. Watch the Online Session in Shah and Anchor Kutcchi Engineering College by Siddharth Vira below.